Book One -- Apocatastasis


We gathered this information through
the altered state
knowledge of many minds, spirits, & souls.
The tales in this book are true.

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Book One

(Published 1998)

The Act of Creation
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Chapter 1 The Master Within

"This entire book is OUTSTANDING and INTERESTING! I can't wait to own it. I will cherish it and STUDY it for the rest of my life!."

Chapter 2 From Bad Billy to Dr. Hugh

Chapter 3 The Path of Spirit

"This book tells how the soul is like time - no doors, or barriers, or limits - always available and open to investigate."

Chapter 4 Spoon Bending

Chapter 5 Hide&Seek ~ The Treasures We Keep

"I would recommend this book to people with symptoms of illness and anyone interested in getting in touch with the Higher Self."

Chapter 6 The Dragon Slayers

Chapter 7 Into The Light Darkly

"I would recommend this to people who are on a path and searching. It makes you want to look at the blocks in your own life, knowing you can change them."

Chapter 8 Joy! Joy! Joy!

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    Book List; Proclamation; Master of Lights Plan of Light; Rachaels Story and information on how to join FREOMM
    Read the Appendix

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Our gift, to you, was the writing and posting on the Internet of this book. We hope you were inspired and helped to open or more fully use your own inner potentials and powers. Our request: Please help to spread the word on this book. The publication of Book II: Light: The Act Of Creation, by Master of Light depends on the success of Book I. Let people know they can read Book I at Odyssey of the Soul , or buy it at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, or order it through their favorite bookstore or library. MAHALO.

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